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Weekly Update – May 30, 2017

Support Staff – June Meeting Dates to Complete Health Assessments

You Make the Difference! Award Winners


“I visited a 5th grade class who are learning all the parts of a book they are reading: A Week in the Woods.  They were learning how to use descriptive words to describe characters and using context cues to figure out information about the characters.  The students loved the choice of this book as it is about a 5th grader.” ~Ellen

Support Staff – June Meeting Dates to Complete Health Assessments

Karen Stuart, from Human Resources, will be at each school in June to help all support staff complete their online confidential Health Assessments through Cigna  to receive their Choice Fund. The Choice Fund is provided by SchoolCare to cover the first portion of the services that apply to your deductible. You must take the Health Assessment from June 1st through July 31st or you will not receive the Choice Fund. The whole process should take less than 10 minutes. Below are the scheduled dates and times:

LRES- Tuesday June 6, Computer Lab  3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

IHGMS- Wednesday June 7,  Downstairs Computer Lab  2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

RHS- Tuesday June 20,  Computer Lab/Library  12:30 pm – 1:30 pm (Exam Week)  


You Make the Difference! Award Winners

Paula OK, used 5.30.17Congratulations to Paula Chouinard, who won this round of the You Make the Difference!  Paula won a gift certificate to Tuckaway Restaurant in Raymond.  She was nominated for “The students at LRES are very fortunate to have an amazing health teacher. Mrs. Chouinard is very passionate about the subject she teaches, which is evident from all of the time she puts into her program. Each week she introduces a healthy fruit or vegetable to all students, grades kindergarten through 4. In order to do this she must shop for the item and then prepare the featured fruit or vegetable for approximately 500 students. Oftentimes parents will thank her for introducing their children to the nutritious snacks, who love it and then insist that they buy it to have it at home! Her program is not limited to nutrition, she also teaches the importance of exercise by having the kids participate in Fun in Fitness at the end of each class, nature walks and snowshoeing. She has also taken on a lot of the science curriculum by teaching units on the various body systems, plant life cycle, crayfish, best beetles and dissecting owl pellets. She teaches all of these things and more in only 45 minutes a week, per class!  Thank you Paula, for all of your years of dedication to LRES! You will be missed!”

Congratulations also to our other wonderful nominees:

Jodi Gibbons: “Jodi goes above and beyond the expectations of her role as a school employee. She not only welcomes new students, but encourages connections with their new peers.  She takes the time to recognize student birthdays, and is consistently high-spirited and friendly with all students and faculty. She approaches special education students with care and ensures they have the lunch experience they want and need. Jodi is more than willing to fill in for manager responsibilities when needed without hesitation. She takes initiative to expand her knowledge of relevant food service laws that is evident in her exceptional service. It is employees such as Jodi who are an outstanding representative of the Raymond School District and directly contributes to our warm and positive environment.”

Suzanne Ives: “Suzanne is a wonderful teacher who cares deeply for all children not just her classroom. She spends countless hours at school after hours. She makes learning fun and is able to adjust for each student. The children love her humor!”

Irene Kreider: “LRES has been very fortunate to have a dedicated librarian for the past 11 years. Mrs. Kreider essentially performs two jobs every single day. She is responsible for managing and organizing the library, where hundreds, if not thousands, of books are borrowed and brought back weekly. She is also responsible for teaching 6 classes every day. She teaches essential library skills, research techniques, introduces current authors, uses Google Classroom with students and is always very willing to help colleagues with projects they may have going on in their classroom. I honestly do not know how she does it! Thank you for all you do! You will be missed.”

Noel Cox: “Noel has been a wonderful advocate for all of her students. She goes above and beyond and is always so positive. Her big heart and dedication is truly an inspiration. She does her best to ensure that all her student’s needs are being met. Recently she looked into one of my students and brought the team together to discuss some interesting facts she noticed. Because of her investigation, we got additional testing done for this kiddo, and the information we received will help him to be more successful. She even met the family in Concord during the testing to gain more insight. She is wonderful to work with.”

Michelle Dowling: “Michelle is an unsung hero at RHS. She has facilitated great relationships between school and home and also among staff and students. Michelle is committed to bringing positive solutions to difficult situations and is successful in her approach. Students from the past always make sure they pop in to see Michelle when visiting the school, so it is clear that she has made a positive impact on many students’ lives. I have been fortunate enough to work alongside Michelle for many years as a mentor, a colleague, and a friend to all. Good job Michelle!”

Tricia Wentworth: “Tricia is a tireless advocate for the students on her caseload. She not only meets one on one in a seemingly nonstop parade of her kids, but she is genuinely invested in their success. With our seniors in particular she follows their progress, meets regularly with them, and consistently reviews their graduation plans – she really worries about them, and is somehow able to be their mom and their counselor all at once, and maintains their respect and admiration. Tricia also knows how to motivate them. She is proactive in advocating for them, tracking progress, and yes, even nagging them like any good mom would do. She is truly awesome at what she does.”

In addition to the random drawing among nominees for the Tuckaway gift certificate, we also have a random drawing among those who submitted nominations. Congratulations to Alison LaCasse, who was the recipient of a $25 gift card to Hannaford.

Weekly Update – May 15, 2017

You Make the Difference Awards – Final Call!

Upcoming School Board and Board Subcommittee Meetings

HealthTrust Insurance Meeting for Wage Pool Employees

Modifications Made to FSA 2017-18 Plan

NH Institute for Civics Education Workshop – No Cost to Attend

SchoolCare Employee Assistance Program

May Safety Educator

“I visited the woodworking shop and Mr. Plender shared with me some of the projects students have been working on.   Included are projects such as benches, using some of the smaller pieces of the chestnut oak that fell.  They have milled some smaller boards about 4-5 feet long and will be milling the larger ones in the fall.  The students and I are amazed at how heavy this kind of wood is.” – Ellen

You Make the Difference Awards – Final Call!

We’re nearing the end of the school year.  This is one last call for your nominations for You Make the Difference!  Please submit your nominations by May 22.

When you nominate one of your coworkers for the “You Make the Difference” Award, both of you could receive a gift certificate to an area store or restaurant!

Three ways to nominate your coworker:

Submit your nomination online (Note: you will need to sign in with your SAU 33 account to access the form.)

Print out the form and sent to Jennifer Heywood at the SAU

Email with the word “Nomination” in the subject line

Upcoming School Board and Board Subcommittee Meetings

The School Board is meeting this Wednesday evening.  They’ll be holding a public hearing early on in the meeting for the expenditure of capital reserve funds.  We had put out requests for proposals for several projects, including paving the kitchen access area at RHS, upgrading two of the bathrooms at LRES, and upgrading some air conditioning units at RHS.  These, plus expenditures for algebra and science textbooks, and digital cameras at IHGMS, will be acted on by the Board later in the meeting.

The Board will hear a presentation by the RHS Unified Basketball Team about their second season.  This will be followed by a discussion by Raymond Police Chief David Salois, who will be talking with the Board about the implications of recent changes to firearms regulations.

Mike Davey, from Energy Efficient Investments, will then be talking with the Board about “performance contracting.”  Performance contracting is a means of raising money for investments in energy efficiency that is based on future savings, for projects such as lighting and boiler upgrades.  This is an introductory discussion to determine if there is interest.

The School Board will be reviewing the letter of engagement with our auditors for services for the financial year ending June 30, 2017.  This is an agreement for auditing services that is reviewed and approved annually. They will then be naming any additional community members to the Strategic Planning Committee, as well as acting on any nominations and/or resignations.

Proposed revised policies IMDA – Patriotic Exercises and JCA – Change of School or Assignment will be presented to the Board for their final readings and adoption.  Proposed revised policies GCEC – Administrators’ Vacations and IHBG-R – Home Education/Dual Enrollment will be brought to the Board for the first of two readings.

Lastly, the School Board will be reviewing the financial update for months ending April 30, 2017.

The Strategic Planning Committee will be meeting for their annual review of the Strategic Plan this Thursday, May 18th, beginning at 8:00 AM in the IHGMS Media Center.

The Shared Resources Committee will be holding their next meeting on Thursday, May 25th at 7:00 PM in the RHS Media Center.

HealthTrust Insurance Meeting for Wage Pool Employees

Just a reminder that HealthTrust will be at IHGMS Room 192 on Monday, May 22 at 3:45 for any wage pool employees who would like a review of the insurance plan.

Modifications Made to 2017-18 FSA Plan

Please note that there were some modifications made to the Flex Spending Account Plan Description for 2017-18.  A summary of these modifications may be found on our website under Human Resources –> Insurance Benefits.

NH Institute for Civics Education Workshop – No Cost to Attend

See flyer below.  Click here to learn more and register.


SchoolCare Employee Assistance Program

See below a list of services available to SchoolCare members as part of your employee assistance program.

SCHOOLCARE EAP Services sheet

May Safety Educator

May 2017 Safety Educator_Page_1May 2017 Safety Educator_Page_2May 2017 Safety Educator_Page_3May 2017 Safety Educator_Page_4

You Make the Difference! – May 2017

DeanCongratulations to Dean Plender, who received this round’s gift certificate to Tuckaway Restaurant.  Dean was nominated because he “holds his students to a high level of rigor through group and individual activities that not only are relevant to student’s interests but also focused on community service. Dean and his students have found creative ways to share the life of the fallen RHS tree by making take-home ornaments and other items. They are in the process of creating a usable resource out of its wood to share with future students and staff as a permanent fixture of RHS’ campus. Dean has a talent of reaching students who prefer alternative ways of reaching academic competencies and is a valuable resource to the district.”

Congratulations to all of our nominees:

Lisa MacDougall: Mrs. MacDougall has worked with some of the most challenging students the Raymond School District has to offer and has helped them to become accomplished, successful students who are excited to learn. She always comes to school with a positive attitude and she is an invaluable and extremely knowledgeable member of the team; the primary go-to when any one needs advice. Her arrival at LRES was a boon to the people of Raymond.

Christine Dellas: She is a wonderfully patient and professional woman. She works with a very challenging student and always comes in happy to be there. She genuinely cares for the students she works with, and is always early and ready to go. She speaks up with her ideas, steps in without needing to be directed, and has a good handle of the standards to help her student move forward. I am lucky to work with her.

Gail Buckley: Gail is a team player. She is a shared paraprofessional who works with many students that need support for a variety of reasons. She always offers to go the extra mile, create centers for her students, and help with any student. She cares deeply for her students. She also offers to help other paras with questions about paperwork or policies. We are lucky to have her and I am lucky to work with her.

Isabelle MacDonald: She is a very enthusiastic person who is trying lots of new things. My former students love her and are growing in her classroom. She shares her ideas with other staff members, including me and I’m not on her team! She takes time to teach others how to do things in a new way and shares her love of teaching through her energy and generosity. We are so lucky to have her at LRES.

Amy Tilton: Amy is an incredible artist. She sets clear expectations in her classroom. She uses appropriate humor with the students, and has great relationships with them. The most impressive thing she does is incorporate different cultures in all of her projects, which allows students to also understand the history behind the artwork they are creating. She hooks students into a lifetime love for the arts with her knowledge and enthusiasm.  We are very lucky to have her.

Omayma Hassan: Omayma is a caring, compassionate individual who takes a great deal of pride in her job. I have seen her work with her 1:1 assignments for a few years now and she always takes her job very seriously while performing in a professional manner at all times. I have seen the positive changes she has helped her student achieve. She never gives up and is willing to try whatever it takes to make her students successful. She is a great friend to all of her co-workers and works well as a team with others. Omayma is a great asset to our district.

Marie Bell: While everyone notices Marie’s leadership, commitment to her students, and her ability to keep her lessons lively with humor; to many people in the building she is more than just an excellent teacher; she is a mentor. She spends many hours providing support to staff. Her door is always open for guidance and encouragement. She is always willing to listen, no matter how busy she is. She can always be counted on to brighten someone’s day and put a smile on their face. She is a valuable member of the community.

In addition to the random drawing among nominees for the Tuckaway gift certificate, we also have a random drawing among those who submitted nominations. Congratulations to Joanne Morrison, who was the recipient of a $25 gift card to Hannaford.

Weekly Update – March 20, 2017

School Board Meeting Update

Workshop – Advancing STEM Goals Using Best Practices in Literacy

You Make the Difference Awards

“I observed a middle school Integrated Technology class. The students had scenarios of being on a deserted island and had to design a boat, build it out of balsa wood, and decide how to power it.  One student was looking up the use of coconuts for fuel, others were looking at wind power. They could only use what they could find on the island. ” – Ellen 

School Board Meeting Update

The School Board is meeting this Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM.  At this meeting, they welcome incoming School Board members Michelle Couture and Janice Arsenault, along with new Student Representative to the School Board Jeffery Rivard.  The Board will be choosing their Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary for this year.

The RHS Math Team will be visiting the Board to talk about their experiences, and a citizen will be talking with the Board about a request for a bus stop.

We’ll be setting the date for our RHS graduation, followed by assigning Board member representation on our various school and town committees.  We’ll also be discussing the type of public information available on on our website in relation to School Board meetings.

There will be a discussion about how to proceed regarding the elementary school building, as well as discussion of possibly scheduling a meeting between the School Board and the Selectmen to talk together about how to address the needs of the school and the police station.

Finally, Ron Brickett will review the monthly financial update with the Board and they’ll be signing the MS-22, which is the Appropriations Actually Voted.

You can see the full School Board agenda at

Workshop – Advancing STEM Goals Using Best Practices in Literacy

Improving Interdisciplinary Reading Skills in the Classroom, Across the Curriculum, and on Next Generation Assessments.  Friday, April 14th, SERESC in Bedford.  Click here for more information.

You Make the Difference Awards

Nominate one of your coworkers for the “You Make the Difference” Award and both of you could received a gift certificate to an area store or restaurant!  Three ways to nominate your coworker:

Submit your nomination online (Note: you will need to sign in with your SAU 33 account to access the form.)

Print out the form and sent to Jennifer Heywood at the SAU

Email with the word “Nomination” in the subject line

You Make the Difference! – March 2017




jortberg-used-3-6-17Congratulations to Jessica Jortberg at LRES, who received this round’s gift certificate to Tuckaway Restaurant. Jessica was nominated because she “has continually shown professionalism and enthusiasm during her time here at LRES.  She genuinely cares for the students she works with both directly and indirectly, and has spend countless hours getting their best work out of them.  Her dedication to her students is not limited to school hours, working after school and on weekends to make sure they are provided with the best practices and learning environment she can.”


Congratulations to our other wonderful nominees:

Ashley Peabody: “For the past month+, Ashley has stepped in and has been juggling 2 large caseloads of students without hesitation or complaint. Ashley has been the lead on IEP parent meetings in the absence of the original case manager, leading her own IEP meetings, catching up with students during the course of the day on both case loads, teaching classes and directed studies… Ashley rarely- if ever- calls out sick, is dependable, kind, and in my opinion- doing an amazing job wearing many different hats right now. RHS is so lucky to have her as part of our faculty!”

Gretchen Gott: “Gretchen handles students when we can’t handle them in the classroom. She is always able to provide a place for them to cool off, but always stays in contact with teachers to make sure they have work to keep them on task. She always has the best interests of the entire building at heart and is often the only adult in the building some students feel comfortable talking to. When staff need a break during exams or there is a shortage of subs, Gretchen is always willing to help out where needed. She is a positive example for both students and staff alike. Her work has long been overlooked.”

In addition to the random drawing among nominees for the Tuckaway gift certificate, we also have a random drawing among those who submitted nominations. Congratulations to Bob Lemoine, who was the recipient of a $25 gift card to Hannaford.

You Make the Difference! – January 2017

Congratulations to Rosario St. Germaine at LRES, who was the recipient of the gift card to The Tuckaway Restaurant for this round of You Make the Difference awards!  Rosario was nominated because she “has always gone beyond what is asked of her for any student she’s worked with.  She consistently ensures that every accommodation is in place and followed, works with the team to ensure the best learning environment, gives the student the maximum benefit, and keeps all team members (including parents) informed as to the student’s progress and change.  She is a true asset to the school district.”

Rosario St. Germaine

Congratulations also to our other wonderful nominees:

Bernie Cote:  “Mr. Cote has been a custodian, I believe, for five years now.  Whenever you see Mr. Cote he always greets with a smile and you see that even with the students.  …There are times I have to be in the school in evening and if we need something I can go find him and ask where I could get it or if he could help us for a few minutes and he never refused. One thing that surprised me – I went to my night meeting in the media center.  In there we have, I believe, 22 computers and he was cleaning them.  Not just dusting them – wiping down the keyboards, the mouse, and headphones.  You don’t see him hanging around or sitting around. He is always busy.  Thank you, Mr. Cote, for keeping LRES clean.”

Jerry Sterritt:  “Jerry has redefined our behavioral program and continues to be a response, valuable resource in our school.  Jerry works tirelessly to make sure that he supports his students, our teachers, and the professionals to make sure that students achieve their highest potential.”

Karen Stuart:  Karen “is a valuable asset to our school community.  She always seems to make a stressful situation into an easier one.  Karen genuinely cares about the staff and the student in our schools.  She goes the extra distance to ensure she has the answers to questions she may not always have right away.  Her dedication to the Raymond School District is evident in the way she continuously provides support and resources to the staff in our schools.  Karen is a true professional, constantly learning and growing in her position.  Thank you Karen, for all you do!”

LRES Kitchen Staff: “I am nominating the entire kitchen staff. They are always going above and beyond to show their school spirit; always decorating and accommodating school-themed days and Red Ribbon Week.  They always have a smile on their faces and show their love to all the children and staff.  I just wanted them recognized for everything they do.

In addition to the random drawing among nominees for the Tuckaway gift certificate, we also have a random drawing among those who submitted nominations. Congratulations to Doug Roy, who was the recipient of a $25 gift card to Hannaford.