Weekly Update – May 30, 2017

Support Staff – June Meeting Dates to Complete Health Assessments

You Make the Difference! Award Winners


“I visited a 5th grade class who are learning all the parts of a book they are reading: A Week in the Woods.  They were learning how to use descriptive words to describe characters and using context cues to figure out information about the characters.  The students loved the choice of this book as it is about a 5th grader.” ~Ellen

Support Staff – June Meeting Dates to Complete Health Assessments

Karen Stuart, from Human Resources, will be at each school in June to help all support staff complete their online confidential Health Assessments through Cigna  to receive their Choice Fund. The Choice Fund is provided by SchoolCare to cover the first portion of the services that apply to your deductible. You must take the Health Assessment from June 1st through July 31st or you will not receive the Choice Fund. The whole process should take less than 10 minutes. Below are the scheduled dates and times:

LRES- Tuesday June 6, Computer Lab  3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

IHGMS- Wednesday June 7,  Downstairs Computer Lab  2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

RHS- Tuesday June 20,  Computer Lab/Library  12:30 pm – 1:30 pm (Exam Week)  


You Make the Difference! Award Winners

Paula OK, used 5.30.17Congratulations to Paula Chouinard, who won this round of the You Make the Difference!  Paula won a gift certificate to Tuckaway Restaurant in Raymond.  She was nominated for “The students at LRES are very fortunate to have an amazing health teacher. Mrs. Chouinard is very passionate about the subject she teaches, which is evident from all of the time she puts into her program. Each week she introduces a healthy fruit or vegetable to all students, grades kindergarten through 4. In order to do this she must shop for the item and then prepare the featured fruit or vegetable for approximately 500 students. Oftentimes parents will thank her for introducing their children to the nutritious snacks, who love it and then insist that they buy it to have it at home! Her program is not limited to nutrition, she also teaches the importance of exercise by having the kids participate in Fun in Fitness at the end of each class, nature walks and snowshoeing. She has also taken on a lot of the science curriculum by teaching units on the various body systems, plant life cycle, crayfish, best beetles and dissecting owl pellets. She teaches all of these things and more in only 45 minutes a week, per class!  Thank you Paula, for all of your years of dedication to LRES! You will be missed!”

Congratulations also to our other wonderful nominees:

Jodi Gibbons: “Jodi goes above and beyond the expectations of her role as a school employee. She not only welcomes new students, but encourages connections with their new peers.  She takes the time to recognize student birthdays, and is consistently high-spirited and friendly with all students and faculty. She approaches special education students with care and ensures they have the lunch experience they want and need. Jodi is more than willing to fill in for manager responsibilities when needed without hesitation. She takes initiative to expand her knowledge of relevant food service laws that is evident in her exceptional service. It is employees such as Jodi who are an outstanding representative of the Raymond School District and directly contributes to our warm and positive environment.”

Suzanne Ives: “Suzanne is a wonderful teacher who cares deeply for all children not just her classroom. She spends countless hours at school after hours. She makes learning fun and is able to adjust for each student. The children love her humor!”

Irene Kreider: “LRES has been very fortunate to have a dedicated librarian for the past 11 years. Mrs. Kreider essentially performs two jobs every single day. She is responsible for managing and organizing the library, where hundreds, if not thousands, of books are borrowed and brought back weekly. She is also responsible for teaching 6 classes every day. She teaches essential library skills, research techniques, introduces current authors, uses Google Classroom with students and is always very willing to help colleagues with projects they may have going on in their classroom. I honestly do not know how she does it! Thank you for all you do! You will be missed.”

Noel Cox: “Noel has been a wonderful advocate for all of her students. She goes above and beyond and is always so positive. Her big heart and dedication is truly an inspiration. She does her best to ensure that all her student’s needs are being met. Recently she looked into one of my students and brought the team together to discuss some interesting facts she noticed. Because of her investigation, we got additional testing done for this kiddo, and the information we received will help him to be more successful. She even met the family in Concord during the testing to gain more insight. She is wonderful to work with.”

Michelle Dowling: “Michelle is an unsung hero at RHS. She has facilitated great relationships between school and home and also among staff and students. Michelle is committed to bringing positive solutions to difficult situations and is successful in her approach. Students from the past always make sure they pop in to see Michelle when visiting the school, so it is clear that she has made a positive impact on many students’ lives. I have been fortunate enough to work alongside Michelle for many years as a mentor, a colleague, and a friend to all. Good job Michelle!”

Tricia Wentworth: “Tricia is a tireless advocate for the students on her caseload. She not only meets one on one in a seemingly nonstop parade of her kids, but she is genuinely invested in their success. With our seniors in particular she follows their progress, meets regularly with them, and consistently reviews their graduation plans – she really worries about them, and is somehow able to be their mom and their counselor all at once, and maintains their respect and admiration. Tricia also knows how to motivate them. She is proactive in advocating for them, tracking progress, and yes, even nagging them like any good mom would do. She is truly awesome at what she does.”

In addition to the random drawing among nominees for the Tuckaway gift certificate, we also have a random drawing among those who submitted nominations. Congratulations to Alison LaCasse, who was the recipient of a $25 gift card to Hannaford.

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