Weekly Update – May 22, 2017

School Board Meeting Update

Video of LRES Grandparent Pancake Breakfast

Reminder: Insurance Open Enrollment Forms

Are Due to the SAU Office by Friday, May 26th.

The preschool students held a tea for Mother’s Day.  The students were so happy to see their mother and grandmothers and present them with pots of flowers that they had painted themselves.  I want to thank Ms. Mahoney for inviting parents in to see some of the work her students had done. ~Ellen

School Board Meeting Update

The School Board met last Wednesday evening. They opened their meeting with a public hearing for the expenditure of capital reserve funds.  Later in the evening, the School Board acted on these requested expenditures.  They awarded the RHS paving project o All Phase Paving & Excavating.  They also approved expenditures for the replacement and addition of digital cameras at IHGMS, for the purchase of IHGMS algebra and science textbooks, and for the purchase of an outside walk-in freezer box at RHS.  We didn’t receive any bids for the RHS roof top air conditioning unit replacement, and we’ve held off on recommending a bidder for the upgrade of two LRES bathrooms while we work with the lowest bidder a bit further for a final cost.

The School Board read the names of those students who achieved RHS Principal’s List and IHGMS High Honor’s List by earning all A’s for the third quarter and extended their congratulations to those students.  This was followed by a presentation by some student athletes from the RHS Unified Basketball Team along with their Assistant Coach, Carly Hughes.  The Unified Basketball Team includes players both with and without physical and intellectual disabilities.  This is their second season, and we are so pleased with how students really seem to be enjoying themselves and the spirit of cooperation.

Raymond Police Chief David Salois spoke with the Board about the recent changes in gun law in New Hampshire.  Federal law has not changed.  Raymond schools are all within a safe school zone, which means that no firearms are allowed within the safe school zone unless permitted due to certain exceptions, such as for law enforcement personnel.  State law used to require that persons wanting to carry a concealed weapon would need a license from their local authority.  This license may have allowed a person to fall under one of the exceptions to the safe school zone federal statute.  This state law was recently changed so that a local license is no longer required to carry a concealed weapon.  However, federal law still applies.  Even though a license is no longer required to carry a concealed weapon, a license is required to carry a concealed weapon within a safe school zone (unless that person falls under another exception to the federal statute).

Mike Davey from Energy Efficient Investments talked with the Board about performance contracting,  which is a means of raising money for investments in energy efficiency that is based on future savings.   The first step, he explained, would be to conduct an energy audit throughout the district to determine where possible investments and savings could be.  This audit would be conducted at no cost to the district, would take about 4-6 weeks to complete, and if the Board chose to complete some projects suggested in the audit, they can select certain project; they would not be required to approve all, or any, of the recommendations.  The Board agreed to move forward with an energy audit.

Bryan Belanger and Laura Yacek presented the 2017-18 Student Handbook.  Then handbook was approved with some minor changes made.  They will be returning to another School Board meeting with some more information about their dismissal procedure and getting students to their buses.

The School Board signed the auditor’s letter of engagement, agreeing to auditing services for the 2016-17 school year.  This was followed by the Board’s appointment of several community members to the Strategic Planning Committee.  They approved policies IMDA Patriotic Exercises and JCA Change of School or Assignment as presented.  They also read, in their entirety, proposed revised policies GCEC Administrators’ Vacations and IHBG-R Home Education/Dual Enrollment.  It was generally agreed by the Board that they would not move forward with the proposed changes for policy GCEC and it would not be brought back to the Board for a second reading.  Policy IHBG-R will come back to the Board at their next meeting for a second reading and action.

Finally, the Board reviewed the financial report for months ending April 30. 2017.

The next regular School Board meeting is June 7th.  The School Board is also holding their Board/Administration Team Retreat on Monday, June 5th.  And the Shared Resources Committee is meeting this Thursday, May 25th, at 7:00 PM.

Video of LRES Grandparent Pancake Breakfast

As a closing activity to their section on learning how to tap the trees at LRES and make maple syrup, the second grade held a pancake breakfast for grandparents with the maple syrup made as part of their learning.  A video of the pancake breakfast is now playing on RCTV Channel 13 and is also can be viewed online here: https://raymondtv.viebit.com/player.php?hash=UwEzdX7zwaaB

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