Weekly Update – May 15, 2017

You Make the Difference Awards – Final Call!

Upcoming School Board and Board Subcommittee Meetings

HealthTrust Insurance Meeting for Wage Pool Employees

Modifications Made to FSA 2017-18 Plan

NH Institute for Civics Education Workshop – No Cost to Attend

SchoolCare Employee Assistance Program

May Safety Educator

“I visited the woodworking shop and Mr. Plender shared with me some of the projects students have been working on.   Included are projects such as benches, using some of the smaller pieces of the chestnut oak that fell.  They have milled some smaller boards about 4-5 feet long and will be milling the larger ones in the fall.  The students and I are amazed at how heavy this kind of wood is.” – Ellen

You Make the Difference Awards – Final Call!

We’re nearing the end of the school year.  This is one last call for your nominations for You Make the Difference!  Please submit your nominations by May 22.

When you nominate one of your coworkers for the “You Make the Difference” Award, both of you could receive a gift certificate to an area store or restaurant!

Three ways to nominate your coworker:

Submit your nomination online (Note: you will need to sign in with your SAU 33 account to access the form.)

Print out the form and sent to Jennifer Heywood at the SAU

Email j.heywood@sau33.com with the word “Nomination” in the subject line

Upcoming School Board and Board Subcommittee Meetings

The School Board is meeting this Wednesday evening.  They’ll be holding a public hearing early on in the meeting for the expenditure of capital reserve funds.  We had put out requests for proposals for several projects, including paving the kitchen access area at RHS, upgrading two of the bathrooms at LRES, and upgrading some air conditioning units at RHS.  These, plus expenditures for algebra and science textbooks, and digital cameras at IHGMS, will be acted on by the Board later in the meeting.

The Board will hear a presentation by the RHS Unified Basketball Team about their second season.  This will be followed by a discussion by Raymond Police Chief David Salois, who will be talking with the Board about the implications of recent changes to firearms regulations.

Mike Davey, from Energy Efficient Investments, will then be talking with the Board about “performance contracting.”  Performance contracting is a means of raising money for investments in energy efficiency that is based on future savings, for projects such as lighting and boiler upgrades.  This is an introductory discussion to determine if there is interest.

The School Board will be reviewing the letter of engagement with our auditors for services for the financial year ending June 30, 2017.  This is an agreement for auditing services that is reviewed and approved annually. They will then be naming any additional community members to the Strategic Planning Committee, as well as acting on any nominations and/or resignations.

Proposed revised policies IMDA – Patriotic Exercises and JCA – Change of School or Assignment will be presented to the Board for their final readings and adoption.  Proposed revised policies GCEC – Administrators’ Vacations and IHBG-R – Home Education/Dual Enrollment will be brought to the Board for the first of two readings.

Lastly, the School Board will be reviewing the financial update for months ending April 30, 2017.

The Strategic Planning Committee will be meeting for their annual review of the Strategic Plan this Thursday, May 18th, beginning at 8:00 AM in the IHGMS Media Center.

The Shared Resources Committee will be holding their next meeting on Thursday, May 25th at 7:00 PM in the RHS Media Center.

HealthTrust Insurance Meeting for Wage Pool Employees

Just a reminder that HealthTrust will be at IHGMS Room 192 on Monday, May 22 at 3:45 for any wage pool employees who would like a review of the insurance plan.

Modifications Made to 2017-18 FSA Plan

Please note that there were some modifications made to the Flex Spending Account Plan Description for 2017-18.  A summary of these modifications may be found on our website under Human Resources –> Insurance Benefits.

NH Institute for Civics Education Workshop – No Cost to Attend

See flyer below.  Click here to learn more and register.


SchoolCare Employee Assistance Program

See below a list of services available to SchoolCare members as part of your employee assistance program.

SCHOOLCARE EAP Services sheet

May Safety Educator

May 2017 Safety Educator_Page_1May 2017 Safety Educator_Page_2May 2017 Safety Educator_Page_3May 2017 Safety Educator_Page_4

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