You Make the Difference! – May 2017

DeanCongratulations to Dean Plender, who received this round’s gift certificate to Tuckaway Restaurant.  Dean was nominated because he “holds his students to a high level of rigor through group and individual activities that not only are relevant to student’s interests but also focused on community service. Dean and his students have found creative ways to share the life of the fallen RHS tree by making take-home ornaments and other items. They are in the process of creating a usable resource out of its wood to share with future students and staff as a permanent fixture of RHS’ campus. Dean has a talent of reaching students who prefer alternative ways of reaching academic competencies and is a valuable resource to the district.”

Congratulations to all of our nominees:

Lisa MacDougall: Mrs. MacDougall has worked with some of the most challenging students the Raymond School District has to offer and has helped them to become accomplished, successful students who are excited to learn. She always comes to school with a positive attitude and she is an invaluable and extremely knowledgeable member of the team; the primary go-to when any one needs advice. Her arrival at LRES was a boon to the people of Raymond.

Christine Dellas: She is a wonderfully patient and professional woman. She works with a very challenging student and always comes in happy to be there. She genuinely cares for the students she works with, and is always early and ready to go. She speaks up with her ideas, steps in without needing to be directed, and has a good handle of the standards to help her student move forward. I am lucky to work with her.

Gail Buckley: Gail is a team player. She is a shared paraprofessional who works with many students that need support for a variety of reasons. She always offers to go the extra mile, create centers for her students, and help with any student. She cares deeply for her students. She also offers to help other paras with questions about paperwork or policies. We are lucky to have her and I am lucky to work with her.

Isabelle MacDonald: She is a very enthusiastic person who is trying lots of new things. My former students love her and are growing in her classroom. She shares her ideas with other staff members, including me and I’m not on her team! She takes time to teach others how to do things in a new way and shares her love of teaching through her energy and generosity. We are so lucky to have her at LRES.

Amy Tilton: Amy is an incredible artist. She sets clear expectations in her classroom. She uses appropriate humor with the students, and has great relationships with them. The most impressive thing she does is incorporate different cultures in all of her projects, which allows students to also understand the history behind the artwork they are creating. She hooks students into a lifetime love for the arts with her knowledge and enthusiasm.  We are very lucky to have her.

Omayma Hassan: Omayma is a caring, compassionate individual who takes a great deal of pride in her job. I have seen her work with her 1:1 assignments for a few years now and she always takes her job very seriously while performing in a professional manner at all times. I have seen the positive changes she has helped her student achieve. She never gives up and is willing to try whatever it takes to make her students successful. She is a great friend to all of her co-workers and works well as a team with others. Omayma is a great asset to our district.

Marie Bell: While everyone notices Marie’s leadership, commitment to her students, and her ability to keep her lessons lively with humor; to many people in the building she is more than just an excellent teacher; she is a mentor. She spends many hours providing support to staff. Her door is always open for guidance and encouragement. She is always willing to listen, no matter how busy she is. She can always be counted on to brighten someone’s day and put a smile on their face. She is a valuable member of the community.

In addition to the random drawing among nominees for the Tuckaway gift certificate, we also have a random drawing among those who submitted nominations. Congratulations to Joanne Morrison, who was the recipient of a $25 gift card to Hannaford.

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