Weekly Update – May 1, 2017

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Re-certifications to the SAU

School Board Meeting Update

Upcoming School Board Meetings

Health Stipend Info for Eligible Employees

Dyslexia and Related Disorders Webinar

“I visited an art class with 3rd grade students. The teacher had created an art show for parents that was beautiful- it featured every student in the school and quite a bit of work went into the hanging and presentation of student work.  She wanted this class to see what other students had created and told them they were going to an art museum. The students were given slips of paper so that they could write a letter of appreciation to the individual artists. The art produced by our students was amazing and the teacher related each of her lessons to a particular artist- everyone from Georgia O’Keefe to Monet.” – Ellen


High School Spirit Week Hall Decorating Contest

Re-certifications to the SAU

For those of you who are up for re-certification this year, please send a copy of your certification to Human Resources at the SAU when you receive it.

School Board Meeting Update

The School Board meeting on April 19th opened with a public hearing for the expenditure of up to $20,000 from the Technology Capital Reserve Fund to upgrade the wireless system at IHGMS.  There was no public input forthcoming, and later in the meeting, the School Board approved the expenditure contingent upon the District receiving funds through the E-rate grant (which will help offset the total expenditure amount).

Raymond Coalition for Youth’s Youth Action Group students talked with the Board about their activities this year.  Activities included Family Fun Night, the Sticker Shock campaign done around prom time and New Year’s warning people of the seriousness of purchasing alcohol for minors, Red Ribbon Week held in October about the dangers of abusing drugs, Project Safeguard for 7th grade students, submission for a film competition regarding drug abuse, and distribution of t-shirts with drug-free messages.  The film should be shown on June 4th at O’Neil Cinemas in Epping, and can also be seen on the RCFY YouTube page.

The School Board approved a correction to the 2017-2019 RESS Collective Bargaining Agreement which allowed for the addition of “Night Lead Custodian” at all appropriate places in the contract.  They also approved the filing of a petition with the Public Employee Labor Relations Board to add the position of “Night Lead Custodian” to the Union.  Following that, the School Board and representatives from RESS signed the 2017-2019 agreement and spoke positively about the successful negotiations this year.

Some of our building administrators and I spoke with the Board about how we weigh formative and summative assessments in the grading process.  Specifically, there was discussion about whether formative assessments should count negatively toward a student’s overall grade if the summatives are all high-scoring.  Currently, at the middle school and the high school, formatives count for 10% of the final grade and summatives count for 90%.   After some discussion, it was suggested that a student could earn the full 10% for formatives as long as the work was completed as expected, regardless of the percentage of correct answers.   It was agreed that Mr. Bickford would bring this suggestion to the Grading Committee.

There was some discussion of a proposal to revise the required number of required work days for assistant principals.  However, it was determined that the best time to discuss this would be during budget preparation, and the issue was tabled.

The School Board approved a proposed revision to the 2017-18 calendar.  The March 2018 in-service was rescheduled to Tuesday, March 13th.  You can see the new calendar on our website.

The School Board named a community membeer to the Shared Resources Committee and extended the deadline for letters of interest for another two weeks.

Policies EEA – Student Transportation Services and EEAA –  Video and Audio Surveillance on School Property were approved as presented for second reading.  And policies GBCD – Background Investigations and Criminal Records Check and EF – Food Service Management were read in their entirety for the first of two readings.  There were some questions regarding providing meals to high school students who have negative school lunch balances.  We’ll be providing some clarification about that at the next meeting.

The School Board scheduled a Board/District Administrative Team Retreat for Monday, June 5th.  And Mr. Brickett reviewed the financial report for months ending March 31, 2017.

Upcoming School Board Meetings

At this week’s May 3rd meeting: students from IHGMS will talk with the Board about their trip to Nature’s Classroom; we’ll open an envelope marked for the RHS Class of 1986 Time Capsule and decide next steps to open the time capsule – some alumni from 1986 will be present at the meeting for this; the Board will hear principals’ and curriculum reports; policies GBCD – Background Investigation and Criminal Records Check and EF – Food Service Management will be brought to the Board for their second readings, and policies IMDA – Patriotic Exercises and JCA – Change of School or Assignment will be brought to the Board for the first of two readings; the Board will consider additional members for the Shared Resources Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee, as well as discuss possible items to include as part of the Strategic Plan Annual Review; and they will be reviewing whether public subcommittee meeting backup should be posted online.  You can see this agenda and public backup for this meeting at www.sau33.com/agenda.

The Board has also scheduled a work session with incoming Superintendent Dr. Tina McCoy.  This meeting will be held on Monday, May 8th at 7:00 PM.

Health Stipend Info (for Eligible Employees)

Insurance eligible employees electing not to participate in the health insurance plan for the entire year who provide documentation of alternative coverage without an insurance subsidy under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will receive a payment at the end of this school year.

Please provide documentation of alternative coverage without an insurance subsidy if you plan to receive a health stipend. For any eligible employee starting employment after the start of the school year and who has not enrolled in the health insurance, this payment will be pro-rated based on the number of days worked.

Please provide the Human Resources Coordinator with your insurance documentation by the end of May.  Acceptable documentation includes a letter from the sponsoring employer showing dates of active coverage, Certificate of Credible Coverage from your insurance carrier that states the plan year (2016-2017) you are covered or an IRS form 1095-C that you received from the sponsoring employer (not the Raymond School District). Insurance cards and Explanation of Benefits from your carrier will not be accepted.

Questions, contact Karen Stuart at the SAU.

Dyslexia and Related Disorders Webinar

From the NH DOE: The NH Department of Education (NHDOE) is pleased to offer a webinar entitled Dyslexia and Related Disorders: An Overview, Signs and Symptoms, and Screening Tools hosted by Reading and Writing Specialists Beth McClure and Colleen Sliva.  This professional development opportunity, funded by the NHDOE, is based upon RSA: 200:59, pertaining to the screening of all public school students in kindergarten or first grade in order to identify risk factors of dyslexia and related disorders.

The webinar will be held on Thursday, May 4, 2017 from 4:00-5:00 PM.  Please use the following link to register for the session:


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