Weekly Update – March 27, 2017

CPR/First Aid Class

School Board Meeting Update

SERESC Professional Development Offerings

I was a judge for the JAG speaking contest. The students had to speak on “What I have learned from JAG.”  The students all did an excellent job. I was impressed with their poise and confidence, the plans they had made for their future – and had followed up on, and their passion for this class.  One student said “It wasn’t an easy class like I thought because of all the things I learned, but it showed me my worth.”  Other students talked about their new confidence and the fact that they had no plans prior to this class and now they are excited about their future.  Lisa King is the teacher for this class and she does an excellent job with them.  Over half of the seniors are already enrolled in a community college and three others are entering the military with a plan for what they want to learn in the military.  It was very impressive. – Ellen.

CPR/First Aid Class

The District is offering an Infant/Child/Adult CPR & First Aid class for our employees on Wednesday, April 12th at 3:15 PM at IHGMS.  This class is for a two-year certification, and covers new certifications as well as renewals.  Registration is required – please register through My Learning Plan.  The class is listed in the District Catalog.  If you need any assistance with My Learning Plan, contact Jennifer at j.heywood@sau33.com or 895-4299 x1103.

School Board Meeting Update

The School Board met last Wednesday and chose their officers for the upcoming year.  John Harmon will serve as Chair, Joseph Saulnier will serve as Vice Chair, and Janice Arsenault will serve as Secretary.

RHS Teachers Tom Koch and Dean Plender and some RHS students spoke with the Board about the Math Team.  They talked about how long they’ve been doing math and their reasons for participating: because it’s fun, it  deepens their understanding of math concepts, it’s a fun way to socialize with other schools while talking about similar interests, and they are able to challenge themselves without the pressure of grades.  They described how a math meet works and how points are earned for problems solved.

A Request for Inclusion on the School Board Agenda had been submitted regarding a bus stop at the site of some proposed construction, but the spokesperson was unable to attend the meeting.  She asked that the Board read a letter in her absence, which they did, and then they agreed to address the issue at a later date, as the letter had noted.

The School Board set the RHS Graduation Date for Friday, June 16, 2017.

The School Board members assigned their representation for various district and town committee assignments.  You can see the complete list here.  They did table a couple of committee assignments to a later date: the LRES Building Committee and the Raymond Council of Business Leaders for Public Education.

The School Board moved to put all public School Board meeting backup on the website along with the posted agendas.  Starting with the April 5th meeting, this information will be available online.

There was some discussion about how to proceed regarding Lamprey River Elementary School.  It was the general consensus of the School Board that they move forward in addressing the needs at LRES somehow, and that how they do that is yet to be determined.  They then agreed to propose a meeting to the Selectmen for the School Board and the Selectmen to talk together about the needs of both the elementary school and the police station.  (That meeting has been scheduled for April 3rd.)

Finally, Ron Brickett reviewed the monthly financial update with the Board. There was some discussion about the breakdown of some line items to analyze specific budget variances.  The Board then approved and signed the MS-22 Report of Appropriations Actually Voted. 

The next regular School Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 5th.

A joint meeting of the School Board and the Board of Selectmen is scheduled for Monday, April 3rd at 7:00 PM in the RHS Media Center.

SERESC Professional Development Offerings

Visit http://www.seresc.net/professionaldevelopment to see SERESC’s professional development offerings for the remainder of the school year, including: It’s All About Awareness: Understanding and Supporting Individual Differences in the 21st Century;  Tell a Story About Time: Improving Narrative Writing and Much More; and Supporting Transgender and Gender Noncomforming Students. 

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