Weekly Update – March 20, 2017

School Board Meeting Update

Workshop – Advancing STEM Goals Using Best Practices in Literacy

You Make the Difference Awards

“I observed a middle school Integrated Technology class. The students had scenarios of being on a deserted island and had to design a boat, build it out of balsa wood, and decide how to power it.  One student was looking up the use of coconuts for fuel, others were looking at wind power. They could only use what they could find on the island. ” – Ellen 

School Board Meeting Update

The School Board is meeting this Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM.  At this meeting, they welcome incoming School Board members Michelle Couture and Janice Arsenault, along with new Student Representative to the School Board Jeffery Rivard.  The Board will be choosing their Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary for this year.

The RHS Math Team will be visiting the Board to talk about their experiences, and a citizen will be talking with the Board about a request for a bus stop.

We’ll be setting the date for our RHS graduation, followed by assigning Board member representation on our various school and town committees.  We’ll also be discussing the type of public information available on on our website in relation to School Board meetings.

There will be a discussion about how to proceed regarding the elementary school building, as well as discussion of possibly scheduling a meeting between the School Board and the Selectmen to talk together about how to address the needs of the school and the police station.

Finally, Ron Brickett will review the monthly financial update with the Board and they’ll be signing the MS-22, which is the Appropriations Actually Voted.

You can see the full School Board agenda at www.sau33.com/agenda.

Workshop – Advancing STEM Goals Using Best Practices in Literacy

Improving Interdisciplinary Reading Skills in the Classroom, Across the Curriculum, and on Next Generation Assessments.  Friday, April 14th, SERESC in Bedford.  Click here for more information.

You Make the Difference Awards

Nominate one of your coworkers for the “You Make the Difference” Award and both of you could received a gift certificate to an area store or restaurant!  Three ways to nominate your coworker:

Submit your nomination online (Note: you will need to sign in with your SAU 33 account to access the form.)

Print out the form and sent to Jennifer Heywood at the SAU

Email j.heywood@sau33.com with the word “Nomination” in the subject line

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