You Make the Difference! – March 2017




jortberg-used-3-6-17Congratulations to Jessica Jortberg at LRES, who received this round’s gift certificate to Tuckaway Restaurant. Jessica was nominated because she “has continually shown professionalism and enthusiasm during her time here at LRES.  She genuinely cares for the students she works with both directly and indirectly, and has spend countless hours getting their best work out of them.  Her dedication to her students is not limited to school hours, working after school and on weekends to make sure they are provided with the best practices and learning environment she can.”


Congratulations to our other wonderful nominees:

Ashley Peabody: “For the past month+, Ashley has stepped in and has been juggling 2 large caseloads of students without hesitation or complaint. Ashley has been the lead on IEP parent meetings in the absence of the original case manager, leading her own IEP meetings, catching up with students during the course of the day on both case loads, teaching classes and directed studies… Ashley rarely- if ever- calls out sick, is dependable, kind, and in my opinion- doing an amazing job wearing many different hats right now. RHS is so lucky to have her as part of our faculty!”

Gretchen Gott: “Gretchen handles students when we can’t handle them in the classroom. She is always able to provide a place for them to cool off, but always stays in contact with teachers to make sure they have work to keep them on task. She always has the best interests of the entire building at heart and is often the only adult in the building some students feel comfortable talking to. When staff need a break during exams or there is a shortage of subs, Gretchen is always willing to help out where needed. She is a positive example for both students and staff alike. Her work has long been overlooked.”

In addition to the random drawing among nominees for the Tuckaway gift certificate, we also have a random drawing among those who submitted nominations. Congratulations to Bob Lemoine, who was the recipient of a $25 gift card to Hannaford.

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