Weekly Update – February 6, 2017

2017-18 District Calendar

School Board Meeting Update

Results of Deliberative Session

March 17 Biometric Screening – Register!

Aesop and My Learning Plan Changes to Login Page

SchoolCare Good for You! Fitbit Flex Raffle

Penguin Plunge Video


2017-2018 District Calendar

The School Board approved the 2017-2018 calendar at their February 1st meeting.  Click here to see the calendar, posted on our website.

School Board Meeting Update

At their meeting last week, the School Board heard from students who recently attended Project Safeguard. Project Safeguard is an off-site conference designed for 7th grade students to address various issues, including substance abuse, peer pressure, self esteem, and internet safety.    The students discussed their activities during the conference, and Raymond Coalition for Youth’s Christine Bostaph noted that because middle school is a time when children begin to think about experimenting, 7th grade is a good time to expose them to this kind of conference.

Steve Woodward presented the revised 2017-18 schedule.  After some discussion, the schedule was approved.  This is an 8-period block schedule that was originally presented a few weeks ago to the Board.  Mr. Woodward made a few adjustments, including a plan for AM SST students that works within their scheduled return time to Raymond High School.  The schedule includes some self-directed study time (TASC), with teachers and technology resources available to assist those self-directed learners.  Mr. Woodward will be returning to the Board in the Spring to discuss his plans for how students who are excelling academically can use that TASC time.

The School Board then reviewed Mr. Woodward’s proposed revisions to RHS graduation requirements and approved the addition of a Certificate of Completion to the current options.  It was noted that this Certificate of Completion still must be added to Raymond School Board Policy, which will be done at a future Board meeting.

The School Board then approved several credit requirements for high school completion.     Beginning with the Class of 2021, students must obtain a total of 24 credits for a Raymond High School Diploma, with the additional 1.75 credits to come from electives.  An Honors Diploma will be available beginning with the Class of 2018. This diploma will have additional credit requirements.

Mr. Woodward then reviewed the 2017-18 Program of Studies, with the Board approved after some discussion and a few amendments.

The 2017-18 District Calendar was approved.  The opening District In-Service is scheduled for August 23rd, 2017 and the first day of school for students will be August 28th.  As we’ve scheduled for the last few years, please note again that there are two days during the April vacation which are designated as possible make-up days for school closings.  Please plan accordingly.

Due to the Winter Break, the School Board has rescheduled their March meeting dates.  Their regular meetings in March will be held March 8th and March 22nd.

The next regular School Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 15th.

Results of Deliberative Session

Thank you to all who were able to join us at the Deliberative Session this past Saturday.  There was much discussion about the warrant articles.  However, ultimately, no changes were made to any and they will appear on our ballot as presented.  To see the warrant, visit http://www.sau33.com/voterinformation.


Four members of the RHS Interact Club provided child care for the Raymond School District deliberative session on Saturday.  Pictured are (from left) Rianna Greenwood, Angela Cooper, Anja Peterson, and Morgan Jerry.



March 17 Biometric Screening – Register!

We’ve scheduled a SchoolCare Biometrics Screening to take place at the high school on the morning of our in-service day, March 17th.  This screening is open to all SchoolCare members and registration is open now.  Register by going to your Good For You! accounts under the “Events” icon on the top right.  Appointments are 15 minutes long and you can earn a $100.00 cash incentive for obtaining your biometrics.



Aesop and My Learning Plan Changes to Login Page

You may have noticed that the design of your login page for Aesop has changed, and changes to My Learning Plan’s login page are on the way.  Note that your sign-on credentials remain the same in each program.  However, if you’ve saved your username and password in your browser, you may need to manually type them in again after the change.  From Frontline: “As part of the early release process this past weekend, we discovered that any login credentials saved by users in their browser were no longer automatically populated. Users with stored or auto-filled browser logins were forced to remember their Login ID and Pin.”

SchoolCare Good for You! Fitbit Flex Raffle

From SchoolCare: SchoolCare is offering a change for all eligible Good For You! to win one of 10 FitBit Flex devices! No registration is required. All participants have to do is engage with a Health Coach between now and March 15, 2016.  This is a great opportunity for those who have not done health coaching to see all that health coaches have to offer.



Penguin Plunge Video

See a short video on YouTube of our RHS Penguin Plunge Team this past Saturday!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n86HT7BGXGw

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