Weekly Update – January 23, 2017

School Board Update

Upcoming School Board/Subcommittee Meetings

Article on LRES Eco-Center

NH Fish and Game Department Outreach Programs for Schools

2018 Teacher of the Year Program

Para-educator Workshop: Understanding Student Anxiety

One Stop Educator

School Board Update

The School Board held two meetings last week.  On Tuesday, they held their public hearing for the LRES bond warrant article.  The meeting was opened to the public, a presentation was given by both the LRES Building Committee and Meridian Construction, and the audience was invited to comment.

On Wednesday, at their regular meeting, the School Board discussed with the RHS Site Council the newly revised athletic/co-curricular grading and participation policy.  This policy was originally brought to the Board in the fall.  It was determined then that the Site Council would work on revising the policy to include the input of more stakeholders and to address some other issues.  The policy brought before the Board last week requires that students who are failing a class at progress report time must attend an after school help program before being able to continue participation in their activity.   Some other requirements were discussed, such how many classes a student must be passing at quarter’s end to participate in activities, and the signing by students and parents of a contract regarding their participation in the after school help program.  The RHS Site Council representatives stressed that this after school program is not to be considered a punishment, but just assistance to the student to get back on track before the end of the quarter, when a failing grade could put their participating in extra-curricular activities in jeopardy.  The Board approved the policy with amendments as discussed at the meeting, to begin the second semester of this year.

The School Board then assigned their representatives to speak at the Deliberative Session to the public about our warrant articles.  The School Board’s warrant articles include:

  • LRES Construction Bond
  • Operating Budget
  • RESS Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • Call for a Special Meeting if CBA Article Fails
  • Capital Reserve Funds
  • Use of Undesignated Fund Balance
  • Easement for Town Well on RHS Property
  • Outsourcing of the District’s Food Service Program

A citizens petition has been submitted, which will appear on the warrant, which is also regarding the topic of outsourcing the food service program.

The School Board then discussed the procedure and timeline to complete the Superintendent’s evaluation, which by policy should be completed by the end of February.

Ron Brickett reviewed the financial report for months ending December 31, 2016. Additionally, the School Board voted to disband the Carroll Lake Beach Committee, which is no longer meeting.

Upcoming School Board/Subcommittee Meetings

The School Board is meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, January 24 to approve and sign the warrant and to meet with NHSBA representatives regarding next steps in the Superintendent Search. Their next regular meeting is Wednesday, February 1. And of course, our Deliberative Session is on Saturday, February 4 at 10:00 AM.

The LRES Building Committee is also meeting today, Monday, January 23 at 4:00 PM.  They are also hosting a Community  Forum on Wednesday, January 25 beginning at 7:00 PM at LRES. They will host a presentation of the construction plans and then hold tours throughout the building.

Article on LRES Eco-Center

Here is an article from the Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership about the new eco-center at LRES.  

NH Fish and Game Department Outreach Programs for Schools

A tip from “Nutrition News for New Hampshire”, published online by the NH Bureau of Nutrition Programs and Service:

Looking for Wellness Ideas around Physical Activity and other items?
The NH Fish and Game Department has outreach programs for schools that support healthy habits, safety, environmental awareness and other topics. You can find them at: www.wildlife.state.nh.us. Ideas include: walking, healthy planet activities, hiking, personal safety, healthy environment activities, and much more.

2018 Teacher of the Year Program


Understanding Student Anxiety



One Stop Educator


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