You Make the Difference! – January 2017

Congratulations to Rosario St. Germaine at LRES, who was the recipient of the gift card to The Tuckaway Restaurant for this round of You Make the Difference awards!  Rosario was nominated because she “has always gone beyond what is asked of her for any student she’s worked with.  She consistently ensures that every accommodation is in place and followed, works with the team to ensure the best learning environment, gives the student the maximum benefit, and keeps all team members (including parents) informed as to the student’s progress and change.  She is a true asset to the school district.”

Rosario St. Germaine

Congratulations also to our other wonderful nominees:

Bernie Cote:  “Mr. Cote has been a custodian, I believe, for five years now.  Whenever you see Mr. Cote he always greets with a smile and you see that even with the students.  …There are times I have to be in the school in evening and if we need something I can go find him and ask where I could get it or if he could help us for a few minutes and he never refused. One thing that surprised me – I went to my night meeting in the media center.  In there we have, I believe, 22 computers and he was cleaning them.  Not just dusting them – wiping down the keyboards, the mouse, and headphones.  You don’t see him hanging around or sitting around. He is always busy.  Thank you, Mr. Cote, for keeping LRES clean.”

Jerry Sterritt:  “Jerry has redefined our behavioral program and continues to be a response, valuable resource in our school.  Jerry works tirelessly to make sure that he supports his students, our teachers, and the professionals to make sure that students achieve their highest potential.”

Karen Stuart:  Karen “is a valuable asset to our school community.  She always seems to make a stressful situation into an easier one.  Karen genuinely cares about the staff and the student in our schools.  She goes the extra distance to ensure she has the answers to questions she may not always have right away.  Her dedication to the Raymond School District is evident in the way she continuously provides support and resources to the staff in our schools.  Karen is a true professional, constantly learning and growing in her position.  Thank you Karen, for all you do!”

LRES Kitchen Staff: “I am nominating the entire kitchen staff. They are always going above and beyond to show their school spirit; always decorating and accommodating school-themed days and Red Ribbon Week.  They always have a smile on their faces and show their love to all the children and staff.  I just wanted them recognized for everything they do.

In addition to the random drawing among nominees for the Tuckaway gift certificate, we also have a random drawing among those who submitted nominations. Congratulations to Doug Roy, who was the recipient of a $25 gift card to Hannaford.



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